About Us

Welcome to GajananDarshan.org, purpose of development of this website is to give best possible information about

Shree Sant Gajanan Maharaj Shegaon

We have tried to add all possible information about Maharaj, Sansthan and Shegaon. This is our small effort to do seva of Maharaj and his devotees.

With the blessings of Maharaj we started GajananDarshan in year 2001 after completing site donated to the Maharaj's sansthan Shegaon.

About me

My family is basically from Amravati and stays at Nagpur, I am currently working with worlds leading technology as a Technical Architect, We have successfully developed this site with blessings of Shree Sant Gajanan Maharaj and also with the ashirwad of my grand father Shri. Haribhau Kisanji Wairale, my parents Shri. Govindrao Haribhau Wairale and Mrs. Shobha Govindrao Wairale.

with regards,
GajananDarshan Family
p.s. For any kind of seva or query regarding Gajanan Maharaj, I can be reached at
E-Mail: admin@gajanandarshan.com