Sansthan Trustees

The Trustees comprise of 1 President,1 Manager (Vyavasthapak)& 10 Members.

The sansthan itself was established in 1908 with the blessings of Sant Shri Gajanan Maharaj himself at the shop Late shri Narayan Kadtaji Patil.

The list of former Managers and Presidents
1 Shri Hari Kukaji Patil 1909 to 1930
2 Shri Sukhdeolalji Ramdeoji Modi 1930 to 1940
3 Shri Gajlalji Ramdeoji Modi 1940 to 1953
4 Shri Puranmalji Sitaramji Murarka 1953 to 1969
5 Shri Shankar Sukhdeo Ganesh Patil 1969 to 1990
6 Shri Mahadeo Pundlik Ganesh Patil 1990 to 1999
7 Shri Indarmalji Puranmalji Murarka 2000 to update
Managers (Vyavasthapak)
1 Shri Maruti Chandrabhan Ganesh Patil 1909 to 1913
2 Shri Ramchandra Krishnaji Ganesh Patil 1913 to 1948
3 Shri Purushottam Hari Ganesh Patil 1949 to 1951
4 Shri Sukhdeo Nerayan Ganesh Patil 1951 to 1952
5 Shri Pundlik Ramchandra Ganesh Patil 1953 to 1962
6 Shri Shivshankar Sukhdeo Ganesh Patil 1981 to update
Present Trustees of Sansthan
1 Shri Shivshankar Sukhdeo Patil
2 Shri Indarmalji Puranmalji Murarka
3 Shri Chandulal Kisanlal Agrawal
4 Shri Mahadeo Pundlik Ganesh Patil
5 Shri Kishor Trikamdas Tak
6 Shri Govind Sukdeorao Kalore
7 Dr. Rameshchandra Champalal Dangra
8 Shri Nilkanth Shivshankar Ganesh Patil
9 Shri Ashok Trambakrao Deshmukh
10 Shri Narayan Yadavrao Patil
11 Shri Shrikant Shivsankar Ganesh Patil
12 Shri Vishveshwar Shaligram Trikal

All the Trustees take active interest in sansthanas work. The meeting of the Trustees is held once in two months. By the blessings of Gajanan Maharaj all the resolutions of the Trustee meetings were passed unanimously; not at a single time, there was any diversify in views, since 1908.

Day after day, the work and the activities of the sansthan are growing on large scale. To look after day-to-day work and different schemes & projects the sansthan has as many as 425 workers (Permanent, Temporary and Honorary) Besides these workers, the volunteers from nearly villages give their services when needed. They are in thousands/Hundreds. These volunteers are called sevadharies. Some villages work as Sevadharies.

Whoever comes to have the darshana of Gajanan Maharaj and spends some time in the campus, is very much impressed to see the discipline in all the services available in the sansthan. The calmness (in the premises) the pleasant atmosphere makes everyone very satisfied.

* All the above information is taken from the sansthans website.